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Friday, 19 August 2016

Food Truck Fiesta

Who would have thought that a night out in little old Levin was so exciting?  The monthly Food Truck Fiesta was inspired by the night markets of the Far East and London, filled with delicious ethnic cheap eats and a definite buzz in the air. We went down last night to join the crowds of people all milling around in the early evening as they checked out the food on offer.  This event was held in the car park by the library.

Checking out the Food Truck Fiesta

There was plenty on offer, from Indonesian, Greek, Mexican, and many more, with no sight of a McDonalds or Burger King to be seen, thank goodness.    We wandered up and down, checking out the food and prices.  Then with our minds made up, we went our separate ways to order the dinner of of choice.  I had decided on Indonesian, to try something completely different.  A tasty dish of chicken and noodles, Mie Goreng, really delicious.

My Indonesian meal was freshly cooked while I waited

Robin went all Jamaican and joined the long line of people queuing up outside the Three Little Birds food tent. Once again, something completely different was ordered, and he finally arrived back with a container of Jerk Pork.  Very tasty, he declared, but with a definite flavour bite to each mouthful, hot and spicy enough to make the eyes water and the nose run!

Robin’s choice was Jamaican

So we managed to find ourselves a table,  and sat down and enjoyed our ethnic meals together.  There were people everywhere, seated at tables like us, or perched on the seats outside the library.  Still more were milling around each food vendor as they waited for their orders, or decided what they might buy.

All enjoying the meals

Then was even a dessert cart offering all sorts of interesting things to complete our meal.  We chose a Crème Brulee for her and a Salted Caramel Brownie for him – both voted delicious.

What’s for pudding?

A lone singer/musician kept the crowd entertained as we ate our ethnic food, singing a variety of tunes.  Some rap, which I’m not too keen on, and other songs which sounded vaguely familiar, and there were even one or two which I recognised.  People moved around, coming and going amongst the tables, or just sitting still and enjoying the music.

Our entertainment for the evening

It was certainly a fun night out, and it was great to see the whole community getting behind this new venture.  There were family groups, lots of teens, and quite a few older people like us, all out to try new foods and flavours.  We certainly plan to come again when it is next on, and once again, try something new and completely different to tickle our taste buds.

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Janice said...

What a wonderful way to spend the evening. We stumbled upon the weekly night markets at Rotarua when we visited last year, which sound very similar. Our dinner consisted of a taste of this and another of that. Just grazing. So much variety. I too like Creme Brulee. You can always fit it in at the end of a meal.