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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Cashing in the Voucher

We needed a little treat after coping with an ongoing health issue – all coming along well now,  thanks for asking.  It was time to cash in my (second) birthday voucher to the posh restaurant, pretending we were just another lot of well bred people having a nice lunch out.  (Little did they know we are only a couple of elderly caravanners.)  The vouchers were a gift from my daughter Nicky, and most appreciated.  So yesterday off we went to The Gallery Café and Restaurant, to enjoy some fine dining and great service.

The Gallery Café and Restaurant

What to order?  The Big Breakfast was a contender, then Robin remembered watching the Open Sandwiches going to other tables last time we were here.  So that was his mind made up.  I ordered Seafood Pasta, as I had enjoyed it so much previously.  While we waited for the orders to arrive we took a selfie or two, and sent it via Snap Chat to my daughter who is still on holiday in UK and the two grand-daughters.  The grand-daughters in particular are avid Snap Chat users, and we get multiple snaps from them showing what they are cooking for dinner, or breakfast, pets, cups of coffee, anything and everything.  You name it – they will photograph it and send it!  Then we asked the waitress to take a real photo for us.

Waiting for lunch

And what a lunch it was.  Robin’s sandwich came with two huge slices of rare roast beef, bacon, avocado, fancy cheese, and salad greens.  MY seafood past had mussels – not my real favourite so I ate them first.  Then there were baby clams in the shell, squid, prawns, big chunks of white fish and salmon fillet, served in a lovely sauce with capers.  Well recommended and we both gave our meals 10 out of 10 each.

Two delicious lunches

As much as the desserts sounded delightful, we didn’t have any spare room to do them justice.  And  finished our meal with a nice coffee each – it is great to get coffees served hot and not luke warm as they often are in some places.  Then we braved the weather again and set off for our appointment.

The weather was wet and cold, and the temperatures dropped lower.  Our little car has a thermometer showing the outside temperature and I watched as it dropped during our trip from 10 degrees, down to 7, 5 and 4, until it settled on 3 degrees.  Wow, that’s really cold for the middle of the day.  No wonder there are weather warnings on the radio and TV, warning of snow on the hill roads and treacherous driving conditions.

There is snow on the back hills behind our home.  With the weather so cold, I’ll have to check tomorrow to see if the snow fall gets down any lower.  Brrr, but it is winter after all.

Snow over the back fence


Janice said...

It sounds like your lunch was a nice interlude. The view over your back fence is stunning. Picture post card stuff. They are real mountains, not like our pretend ones. Stay warm.

Nomadic Endeavour said...

Those mountain ranges look very enticing. I would love to do some hiking in this area. The food looks very nice also. Hope the health issue turns out fine.