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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Now at Wanganui

It was so nice to catch up with old caravanning friends Lance and Ellie in Hawera yesterday.  We called around for afternoon tea, but there was so much to talk about that we ended being invited to stay for the evening meal too.  We have known these friends for many years, when Lance and Robin were both serving on the CCNZ Executive Committee.  You know what it’s like when you are getting older – our friends can’t believe they are now in their early 80s, and I’m sure I don’t know how my 70th birthday  sneaked up on me, and Robin’s isn’t too far away.  True to form, our cat Muffy told us off for being out for such a long time and leaving her in the caravan alone.  She needed to be fed right away, she meowed crossly.

There were 7 or so vans staying in Muller Park last night with us.  The grounds are so nice and roomy there was room for plenty more to park up.  Our fees were placed in the “iron maiden”, I gathered up a few passion fruit which were there for the campers to enjoy, we bid farewell to the mountain, and were soon on our way to Wanganui.

Goodbye to Hawera

Heading back down on SH3 we passed the little towns of Patea, Waverley, and Kai Iwi.  No time to stop today, we will have to return and explore sometime at our leisure.  With a 90km trip today, it wasn’t too long till we arrived at Wanganui.  I always love driving over the iconic Dublin Street Bridge spanning the Wanganui River, looking like to was made from pieces of a Meccano set.  At 102 years old, this bridge is still going strong.



Views of the Dublin Street Bridge

And look what we found bobbing in the Wanganui River.  Has anyone lost a giant bright yellow rubber ducky?

Giant Rubber Ducky

So far, we are the only van camping in the Wanganui East Club grounds, but we may well be joined by others later in the day.    The restaurant at the club is open for business tonight, so we will enjoy a meal from the carvery. 

At Wanganui East Club

There are freight trains behind us, loading up a rake of logging wagons to keep us interested.    No doubt they will be rumbling past all night, but that won’t bother us.  Who doesn’t like trains?


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