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Sunday, 22 May 2016

A few small repairs

As any car owner know, maintenance is an ongoing issue.  Our tow car recently had a mishap when the right front plastic wheel spat came apart from the body of the car – read about it here.  Now, due to a joint venture between the garage, our insurance company and an excess payment on our part, the damaged part has been replaced and everything looks great again.

The windscreen wipers needed replacing, so that was Robin’s job yesterday.  Off he trotted, wiper blades in hand, and had the job done in no time at all.  Another thing crossed off the list.

Mr Fixit

I’ve needed a repair done too, and after a small op and an overnight stay in hospital, (my goodness, it was noisy) have returned home a little tender but otherwise well.  I’ve been sitting with my feet up, catching up on un-watched episodes of “Big Bang” and laughing the afternoon away.  As a Kiwi, I find British comedy is usually more to my taste, but there is something so endearing about those terribly clever scientists who have trouble relating to people in the real world. 


Katie said...

I’m glad everything is fixed. :-) I haven’t watched that show. I guess I should check it out. Laughs are good!

Marilyn McDonald said...

Good to know all sorts of things are being repaired!
If you have Netflix, watch the series of Grace and Frankie - very funny stuff.
Cheers, Marilyn