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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Good Old Brucie

Our friendly neighbour Bruce is always ready to lend a hand with anything which needs doing.  He is one of these blokes who likes to keep busy, and he came to help out recently when we had a little mishap in the bathroom.  Bruce arrived armed with his power drill, other assorted tools, and lots of helpful advice.  There was a lot of wall tapping going on as the pair of them tried to find where the wooden dwang was, then Robin remembered that he had one of those “stud finders” which solved the problem.  Then the towel rail was screwed firmly in place – just a little higher than it used to be.

P9120045 A study in concentration

With that job done, Bruce then decided that they should make sure the other towel rail was fastened securely and the screws weren’t coming loose.  The rail came off, the screws holding the fittings in place were given the once over and declared fit for purpose, and it was reassembled again.

P9120047 Checking this rail too

Bruce returned this morning to put plaster over the area on the bathroom wall where the towel rail was originally screwed on.  Once that is dried, it will just be a matter of sanding it back, a little touch up with the paint brush, and job done.  Now………where did Robin put that left over paint tin that the tradesmen left behind when we moved in?  Somewhere in his shed, he thinks.

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