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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Exterior Caravan Plug Installed

It’s good to have talented friends, who are happy to do the odd job as required.  We wanted to have a caravan plug wired up to the outside of our house, and fellow club member Selwyn, a Registered Electrician, was happy to oblige. He came ready and armed today to do the job, carrying an assortment of tools and supplies.  It didn’t take too long at all.  First we had to clear the bench and he went to work and disconnected the existing hot point, testing to make sure that the power was turned off.    Then he drilled a hole through the outside wall, and poked some wire through it.


Back inside again, everything was wired up neatly and a new power switch put in place, this one has an extra on/off switch for the outside caravan plug.  Then the caravan plug was screwed firmly into place.

P9080090 Job almost done

Prior to taking our caravan away, we move if from it’s allocated parking space into a car park outside our home, plugging it into power overnight to get the caravan fridge cold.  Previously, the power cord was hanging out the kitchen window.  But now, thanks to Selwyn, the power cord will be plugged into a “proper” outlet.  Now, when are we taking the caravan away again?  Not too long to go, according to the calendar.

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