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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Carterton Golf Club

It’s been a typical “blue dome” Wairarapa day today, just perfect for getting out and about with the caravan in tow.  We headed over to Carterton for a Combined Rally organised by the Wairarapa Caravan Club but came a day early – just because we can.  After hearing good reports about this new POP from friends who had recently stayed here,  we decided to try it too.  It’s certainly very pleasant and peaceful, just look at those heifers in the welcoming committee by the gate!

P2190009 Our stay for the night – Carterton Golf Club

The rural setting is lovely, and with 6 new power points and a great ablution block, it certainly caters very well for overnight visitors.  And at a very reasonable price too.  Caravanners coming to stay at facilities like these boost the club coffers and add a degree of overnight security. 

P2190003 The only visitors so far

The golfers have finished their games, packed up and gone home.  So far we are in splendid isolation and have the place to ourselves, but that could certainly change.

P2190011 Looking out over the greens

What could be nicer cooking and eating outside on such a pleasant evening.   No, not a barbie, while we are on power we are are cooking some sausages in the electric fry pan out in the fresh air.  Not just any old sausages either, these are special venison sausages from friends and intrepid hunters Bruce and Julie.  Bruce goes out hunting in the hills, then carries the deer back to civilisation over his shoulders.  Now that is a “good keen kiwi bloke” if ever there was one.  With the addition of some zucchini fritters and a fried egg also cooked in the pan, we had a meal fit for royalty.  And cooking outside in the fresh air ensures that the aromas stay outside and do not linger around in the caravan.


There is plenty of birdlife around.  We saw a couple of pukekos, also known as purple swap hens, who scurried away from prying eyes very quickly, flicking their white tail feathers behind them. With a stream feeding into a man made lake close to the clubhouse, they would be perfectly happy living here.   Robin spotted a couple of Eastern Rosellas when he was out strolling around, but didn’t have his camera with him.

P2190002 Two pukekos running into the bush

P2190013 Robin contemplating the greens

We only have a very short trip tomorrow to meet up with our caravan buddies so we can take it easy in the morning.  But perhaps the car park will fill up bright and early with keen golfers who want an early game?  Who knows – we will just have to wait and see.

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