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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Birds of a Feather

Who would have thought that a couple of pieces of cooked corn on the cob would lead to a feeding frenzy in our back yard?  After hanging about unwanted and unloved in the fridge for a few days I was all set to wrap up the said corn and put it in the rubbish bin.  But perhaps the birds would like it outside, I wondered.  They certainly did.  A flock of sparrows flew down onto the lawn and attacked the corn with gusto.  How would they know it was good to eat?  We had never put out a cooked corn cob for their dining pleasure before.  They really enjoyed it - both cobs were soon picked clean with not a single kernel remaining.

P2170046 Sparrows in a feeding frenzy

Much more gentle were the chickens enjoying the sunshine at “The Big Egg” when we called there recently to replenish our stock of free range eggs.  The chooks were busily pecking about in the grass looking for bugs and beetles while others were having dust baths.    As I appeared by the fence they all rushed over, gently clucking as they waited expectantly for me to toss something tasty over the fence for them.  They were sadly disappointed as I had come empty handed, clutching only my camera. 

P2160035 The chooks from The Big Egg

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