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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Shades of The Shadows

It’s a busy time of year lately attending all the functions of the groups that we belong to are winding down for the year.  As it was for our 60s Up group yesterday when we went along to the last meeting of the year.   After a few notices were read out we were served a special morning tea – hot mince savoury, scone with jam and cream, and a Christmas mince pie, to get us into the festive spirit.  As we munched our morning tea and chatted away, the musicians were busily setting themselves up.

The trio of JNX Reverbnation from Masterton kept us entertained with toe tapping music from the 60s, just right for the members of our 60s Up group.  John Rowe leads the band and has been playing for over 50 years, he told us.  Partner Sheryll was on the keyboards and son Stuart was the drummer.   John's particular love is the music of Hank Marvin, and this shone through with his brilliant guitar skills, as he played a medley of instrumental hits from the Shadows.  Robin was in his element as he sat there with his eyes closed, completely absorbed as he listened to the music from his youth.  I noticed that others around the hall were tapping their toes and nodding their heads in time to the music.  “Time is Tight”  was another of Robin’s favourites, a great, catchy tune.  Being our Christmas meeting, we had a few Christmas songs too, with everyone joining in with “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

PB240004 JNX playing their music

Nothing beats the music you grew up with, I always think, as it transports you back to those far off teenage years.  All too soon the entertainment was over, and we said our goodbyes.  The committee had one last surprise for us all, and we were each given a wrapped up slice of Christmas cake to take home.  It was delicious too, and it joined our sandwich for lunch that day.

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