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Sunday, 30 November 2014

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas

We’ve purchased our Christmas ham but won’t be cutting into it just yet - it’s safe and sound in the fridge till we go away in a few weeks time.  And I’ve got all the ingredients ready  for my Christmas cake.  I’ll be mixing and baking in a day or two, when I’ve got a whole day at home instead of all this running around.  What about a pudding?  Perhaps I’ll make one of those too, home made is so much better than commercial, I always think.   Christmas cards have been written and are ready for posting, except for a few that need letters.  I’ve been busy wrapping up the gifts that we need to take to various end of year functions - still got the family gifts to do though.    And we had several trips up and down those narrow stairs to the loft to bring down the Christmas lights and decorations.  Phew – that was a job and a half, some of those crates are really heavy.  So all in all, it’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas!

PB300003 Christmas crates, lights and decorations

It’s time to do some decorating for Christmas.  Down came the brass jugs from the windowsill, to be replaced with a trio of golden Christmas trees.  Other items were taken down, to be replaced by various Christmas ornaments.  A couple of Santas have been stood on the floor in front of the dresser, while another is hooked casually over a walking stick.  One of my favourite things is a poem written by my grand-daughter Megan when she was only 11 years old.  .

Megan’s poem reads:
Christmas is coming
Happy children all over the world
Reindeer and Father Christmas land on the roof 
In the house Father Christmas
Stumbles while putting presents under the tree 
Trees covered with tinsel with an angel on to 
Merry Christmas to all those in the world 
Angels singing Christmas carols 
Stars shown the way to baby Jesus
We like to decorate early so we have time to enjoy it as we are always away over Christmas.  Robin will have the job of stringing some twinkling lights up outside along the fence in the next few days, with any luck that never-ending wind will have blown itself out by then, we hope.

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