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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Middleton Model Railway

It was a boys only afternoon out as three of use took a trip to the Middleton Model Railway.  The layout contains over 300m of track, 250 points, 10 stations, a marshalling yard, harbour and train ferry, ironstone mine and a chalk quarry.  Colin Fraser-Davies had his much loved model railway shipped out in 1983 when he emigrated to New Zealand from UK, there was no way he was leaving that behind. You can find more information here.
P1010734Colin with his Layout
The layout is model on the English 00 standard and is very extensive and would be every little boys’ dream to own.  This however is strictly an adults only passion.
P1010735 A View of one of the complicated control panels
On a monthly basis fellow enthusiasts form a group and run the layout to an authentic operating timetable using a speeded-up clock. Sadly the day we visited was not one of their operating days.
P1010736 A Triangular Station – Removes the need for a turntable
Also at this facility is Cwmglyn Cheese which specialises in making cheese from pedigree Jersey Cows. The milk from each cow being kept separate from which are made a variety of hard cheeses and butter. Tastings as well as purchases are available on site. A couple of use made a small purchase of cheese to bring home. A chance to earn some brownie points!
If you are passing through the Wairarapa a stop at this attraction which is only a couple of kilometres off the main road just south of Ekatahuna.

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