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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Balloon Tragedy in Carterton

Just a few days after returning home from our caravan holiday at Carterton, we are shocked and saddened to learn of the balloon flight tragedy, in which all eleven people died.  It seems that the balloon got tangled in power lines, burst into flames, and crashed to the ground.  Some of the people on board the scenic ride received vouchers for the ride as Christmas gifts.  Family members of those aboard were tracking the balloon in  their cars, to meet up at the end of the ride and no doubt share in the after flight breakfast get together at the local cafe.  They would have watched in horror as the accident unfolded before their eyes.  It was a common sight to see the early morning balloon rides drift over the motor camp while we were in residence over Christmas.  The  loud “whoosh” of the burners announced the presence of a balloon drifting past.  Our thoughts are with all those who lost family and friends in this disaster.
 imageBalloons over Wairarapa

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Katie said...

We read about that. Such a horror. :-(