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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

An extra long weekend

After spending the three day Labour Weekend at Bridge Lodge, Otaki, it was time to leave.  But we didn’t head home, instead we were invited to spend a night at our friends Geoff and Eileen’s rural property, just a short distance away.  Dot and Derek joined us too, and we just about had a mini rally in the driveway.
DSCF7814 Gypsy Rover and Romany Rambler
After spending a relaxing long lunch hour together, eating, sipping coffee, and chatting, it was time for the guys to get to work.  Derek was doing a little maintenance in his campervan, while Geoff offered Robin a go on the ride-on mower.  Robin was in heaven, riding all around the large lawn, he declared it didn’t feel like work at all.  I’m sure he doesn’t have this much fun cutting our lawns at home.
DSCF7811 He drove this way
DSCF7809 And then that way
Geoff had a much harder job using the motor mower to cut the grass in between the trees and shrubs.
DSCF7813 Geoff with the motor mower
Geoff and Eileen have a large lawn, with many trees of all species, and a grove of fruit trees in a corner of the property.  I noticed a big protea bush, and Eileen kindly let me take several of the large pink flower heads home with me.  This maple growing by the deck was a beautiful glowing red and was just crying out to have it’s photo taken. 
DSCF7817Glorious maple tree in the garden
With the lawns done,Robin and Derek then helped Geoff trim a couple of trees down by the gate.  What busy boys they were.  We enjoyed a nice relaxing evening together, watching a little TV and generally putting the world to rights.  Staying overnight meant that we didn’t have to drive home in the busy long weekend traffic on Monday.  Thanks for your hospitality, we always enjoy staying with you.

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