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Monday, 24 October 2011

After the rugby

Life goes on after the rugby, and the 60th Birthday rally drew to a close.  A bus full of young back-packers arrived in camp on Saturday evening with a trailer full of bicycles towed behind the bus.  The youngsters happily gathered around the the camp fire to unwind, no doubt tired out after spending some time on the bicycles.  They were on the bus again bright and early the next morning, to continue with their adventures.  There were several rather skinny cats in residence so we made sure that our cat Muffy was not outside on her own, in case the resident cats took exception to her.
DSCF7797 Romany Rambler parked by a cabbage tree
Parked next door to us were  Graeme and Heather from the Wairarapa caravan Club.  I found Graeme sitting in his doorway one afternoon making music.  He was playing a ukulele banjo, he told me, and these instruments are not readily available in New Zealand.  Graeme’s barber found this for him while on a holiday in Perth, Australia, and brought it back home for him. 
DSCF7784 Graeme with his ukulele banjo
Further along the camp was a lovely bronze coloured new campervan, only three months old, and was manufactured for the parents by the family company of Freeway Engineering Ltd.   This had a slide-out, which greatly increased the floor space inside.  The proud owners were happy to show us inside.
DSCF7786 Camper with slide-out
DSCF7785 Lots of room inside
Bridge Lodge’s days are  numbered, as the land will be required for a future road development.  The property originally belonged to the Wellington City Mission, and these days offers Back Packer accommodation as well as running as a small motor camp with limited power sites.
PA230393 A few of the 30 vans on site for the weekend
It was great to catch up with old friends from the other clubs again, and to meet some new people.  Sadly, we weren’t lucky with the raffles, and the weather was not conducive to relaxing outside.  Never mind, we had a great weekend helping the Wellington Caravan Club celebrate their 60th Birthday rally. 

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