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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don’t forget the Birdies

We like to put food out for the birds in the winter, and with the current extreme conditions that we are experiencing, they probably need the food more than ever.  The birds were squabbling over the last of the bird pudding and there was just a tiny bit left hanging up for them.  The mesh onion bag was looking decidedly empty.
DSCF7132 Just a few crumbs left now
Luckily I had another bird pudding all mixed up and ready in the fridge.  “Something I prepared earlier”, as the TV cooks like to say.  It doesn’t look terribly appetising to us, but the native birds love it.  It’s chock full of dripping, crusts, wild bird seed, oatmeal, honey, raisins and chopped apple, so it’s got to be good for them.
DSCF7134 Yet another bird pudding all mixed up
The back lawn was particularly soggy now that the snow is finally melting.  Robin carefully climbed up the small step ladder and hung the replacement from the hook on the tree branch.  Once he had moved away, the tree was full of hungry little birds running down the wire to the bag of food.  Guess I’ll need to mix another batch up and have it ready to go when needed.
DSCF7135 Robin up the ladder
We still have some snow on the back deck, patches in the gardens, and it is slowly melting on the roof.  This snow is slipping down from the neighbour’s carport next to our driveway.  It won’t be there long, at this rate.  Let’s hope it doesn’t fall on our heads as we are walking by.

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