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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bottles and Birds

We are still going for a walk most mornings, and I always like to take my trusty camera with me.  After all, who knows what we might come across?  The bottle bush in a garden around the other side of our subdivision is still growing, and looked quite colourful with the sun glinting off the coloured glass.  I wonder where they get those little bottles from?
DSCF7177 Bottle bush
Further on we spotted a whole lot of ducks resting under a large tree on someone’s front lawn.  They all looked quite content so it seems that the householders must feed them quite regularly.
DSCF7180 Lots of ducks visiting
A Pukeko over the fence
Our Australian readers may recognise this bird as I believe that it is also wandering around over the ditch but under a different name.
Then we saw a pair of Paradise Ducks.  The male and female of this species have quite different plumage.  The male is tan with a white head, while his mate is dark grey with tan and white wings.  They decided we were getting much too close for comfort and quickly walked away.
DSCF7191 A pair of Paradise Ducks
On the homeward stretch a man popped out of a hole on the grass berm next to the road.  It’s OK, he was meant to be there, and just look at that happy smile.  He and his workmates are working hard to install fibre optic cable which will give us ultra fast internet broadband to the local area.
DSCF7193 Work man down a hole
Muffy gets a little time outside when we go for a walk and is only too happy to get back inside where she belongs on our return.  She almost trips us up as she hurries to be first in the door while she waits for it to be opened up, squawking to let us know that she is in fact “an inside cat, don’t you remember, so why put me outside?”
DSCF7172Muffy first in the door

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June said...

This brings back many memories of the Lifeboat at Selsey Bill on the south coast of England. My brother in law was a crew member for many years and the pier had to be enlarged many times to allow for coast erosion! Have you seen the crockery for sale in Petone in the shape of caravans? I thought they might have appeal for you.