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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Washer-woman Woes

There is no question about it, I’ve been suffering from the washer-woman woes when my washing machine just decided to stop going.  It all started like this.  It worked perfectly well when we returned home after our long Easter break away.  Two loads were washed, rinsed and spun all ready to hang out.  Mind you, the washing had to be hung in the garage, as the weather was not the least bit conducive to hanging it outside on the clothesline.  Then I hand-washed an item, and decided to give it a spin to get rid of the excess water.  The lights came on, but nothing happened.  Oh dear, what’s wrong?  “Robin”, I called in distress, “the washing machine doesn’t go”.  Robin’s technical expertise concerning washing machines wasn’t much better than mine.  “It’s not going”, he declared. “and I think it’s that switch”.  So we had to go down town, and seek out a new washing machine.  There were all  sorts of shiny new machines on display in the appliance store, but I wanted the brand I was familiar with.  No problem, we could have it delivered the next day.  But….. we had a joker up our sleeve.  In Robin’s hand was a sales flyer from a competitor’s store offering the same  machine with $200 off the price.  Could our store match the competition, we wanted to know.  They could, and they did, so the deal was done.  Bright and early next morning our new washing machine was delivered.  The technician quickly unhooked our old machine, and put it in the back of the delivery van.
DSCF6034 Out with the old
The new machine was carried inside, the water pumps attached to the taps and the power cord plugged in.  It was tested to make sure that everything worked, and that I understood all the bells and whistles, and the documents handed over. Thank goodness, my washer-woman woes are over.  After all, as I’ve said before, “Happiness is clean laundry”.
P4272183 In with the new

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