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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Easter Bunny came calling

We may have been far from home over Easter, but luckily the Easter Bunny tracked us down.  These lovely little bunnies managed to find their way into our caravan, just in  time for Easter Sunday.
DSCF6019 Look what the Easter Bunny brought us
Then Eileen came calling bearing Easter Eggs.  “For keeping their battery charged with the generator”, she said.  It was no trouble at all, Robin is always happy to help.  And it gave him a chance to use it during the weekend and see how it performed.  Even more Easter Eggs were on offer - there was an Easter Egg Hunt organised for Sunday morning, much to the delight of the handful of children who were present.  They could hardly wait to start hunting, and had visions of pockets bulging with Easter eggs.    But, they were told, there is only one egg each, if they find more than one they have to help the adults who will also be looking.  As expected, the youngsters rushed over to the area where the eggs were hidden, and soon found their allocation, while the adults ambled along.  Eggs were tucked in corners, and hung from bushes.  Here’s my one, tucked away up high.  Sadly, I didn’t find it myself, but had to be directed to the right place, Robin told me to look up!
DSCF6024The great Easter Egg Hunt
A Pot Luck Tea was organised for the evening meal, and everyone delivered their main and dessert over to the school staff room.  As usual with these sorts of catering arrangements, there was a great variety of dishes on offer, with no double ups.  There was everything from from Sausage Rolls to Scotch Eggs, casseroles, curried sausages, bacon and egg pie, and rice and noodle dishes as well.  The desserts were rather nice too.
Pot Luck Tea Plenty to choose from
All those taking part in the The decorated Easter Hat competition were asked to wear their creation to the meal.  The children took part in an afternoon activity to help them make their own, while the adults decorated their own hats away from prying eyes.  There were all sorts of colours and styles, we noticed that Dame Edna Everidge had put in an appearance, together with one wearer claiming he was only “10/6 in the pound”.  It was all good fun, and great to see so many people taking part.
Easter Hat Parade The Easter Hat parade
It seems that the Wellington Caravan Club are turning out a group of young “card sharks”, as the three older children kept us all entertained after the meal showing us their card tricks.  As three rows of four cards each were dealt out we were instructed to “think of one, concentrate hard, and remember it”.  The cards were then reshuffled and laid down several times, when finally we were presented with the card we had chosen in the beginning.  The children did an excellent job, and enjoyed showing off their card skills. 
Romany Rambler at Poroutawhuao School   Romany Rambler before the rain came down
The weather deteriorated on Sunday night, and the rain came down.  Packing up in the rain on Monday morning was not much fun at all.  Everyone was scurrying around with their wet weather gear and gum boots as they dismantled soggy porch awnings and wound up the caravan legs, before departing for home.  We had a very enjoyable combined rally weekend, and it was great to meet up with friends from the other clubs once more.

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