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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Stay-at-home Saturday

What has happened to the sunshine?  Today is a soggy, wet Saturday.  The rain is coming down, and our New Zealand flag is hanging limply on the flag pole.  The rain clouds are so low we can’t see the hills at all.  Guess it’s a good day to be staying at home and doing what takes our fancy.  There is rugby on the telly and quilting to be done – no prizes for guessing which one of us is doing what.  Let us hope that the weather clears tomorrow as we are heading back over to the Wairarapa to spend the day with friends.  “Take sturdy shoes”, we were told, so no doubt there will be some exploring to be done.  This is  just a day trip  so both the caravan and the cat will be staying home.
DSCF5787 Home in the rain today

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