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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Coppermine Camp

With our holiday coming to a close, we decided to spend the last three nights at an old favourite, Coppermine Camp in Woodville.  This camp was set up by the Galloway's on their farm in the foothills of Woodville some years ago, making use of the unused shearing quarters.   These days, the shearing gangs arrive in a mini bus for the day, and do not stay overnight.  The small camp has 10 power points, and the original shearing quarters provide kitchen, lounge and toilet facilities.  Another good value camp at $18 per night. 
Noel provided afternoon entertainment as he drove his digger, squeaking and clanking,  up the driveway.  Then he set to and flattened a mound of crushed rock and lime.  We were impressed with the skill and care he took manoeuvring such a large machine in tight conditions.
DSCF5615 Noel flattening the pile
As a working farm, there was always something going on.  The next morning we heard the barking of dogs, and looked out the window to see a mob of sheep trotting briskly up the driveway.  With whistles and shouted commands, the dogs then herded the sheep into two separate yards adjacent to the caravan park.  One group of sheep were going to another farm, we were informed, and the other group was being sent to the meat works.
DSCF5618 The dog is in charge
Happiness is clean laundry, I always say,  and I was delighted to find that the old agitator washing machine had been replaced with a new automatic machine.  Not only that, but there was no charge to use it.  So what was a “wash-aholic” to do?  I had the washing done and hung out in the warm sunshine before anyone even realised what I was doing!  Just as well, as the weather deteriorated the next day.
DSCF5614 Happiness is clean laundry
The rain came down so that was the end of sitting outside.  No worries, we had the cosy lounge area to use.  We gathered there in the evenings and had a spirited game of Snakes and Ladders on Friday night.  I not sure who won, but I do know that I came last.  That is what happens when you keep landing on a snake’s head.
DSCF5645 A change in the weather
On our last evening together we decided to all eat our evening meal together in the dining room.  Noel had put us in charge of the camp and take any bookings while they were away overnight at a wedding and as a thank you presented us with a bottle of wine to share, so we raised our glasses in a toast to him for his hospitality.  After the meal we met up in our caravan.  Robin had prepared a slide show of the highlights of our two weeks together, and it was fun to relive these moments again.

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BiddyBid said...

Hi...looks like you had a great time at the Coppermine Camp.
It is a great place to stay and the Galloway families are lovely people.

I stayed there for a while, about 18 months ago.

Nice to be part of the farm life, while you are there.