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Friday, 5 November 2010

Happy Anniversary to us

It’s our anniversary today.  Robin doesn’t have any trouble remembering the date as we were married on Guy Fawkes Day.  How many years was it?  One of us got the number wrong, but after a little bit of arithmetic we decided that 27 years was the correct answer.  Wow, that’s certainly a long time.  But we have to say, it’s been 27 happy years, and they have gone by in a flash. So, happy anniversary to us, and may we have many more!
PA291076 Twenty seven years wed today


Derek and Dot said...

Congratulations to you both. Don't think we will ever catch you up :-)Another dinner coming up?

Leeann said...

I had my 21st wedding anniversay on the 4th Nov. Is easy toremember too. My Husband was a Vol Firefighter then and I went to book the date by myself because he had the flu. He told me to take the soonest date, so I did. But then he realised all the fire calls he would miss! Oh well he must have loved me because he didn't change it and we are still together!