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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Car Rally – part 2

Morning tea over, it was time to send our friends away at timed intervals for the second part of the car rally.  One of the instructions were to pull into the lay by along SH1 as it wound along the coast to check out a stone plaque.  We had often noticed this on our many trips to and fro along this busy stretch of road and wondered what it was all about.  It is in fact a plaque commemorating the opening of the Plimmerton-Paekakariki Highway in November 1939.  Now we all know a bit more about our roading history!  Everyone made short work of the second part of the competition and we gathered at the Mediterranean Food Warehouse in Paraparaumu for lunch.
DSCF4841Mediterranean Food Warehouse
The delicious smells coming from the pizza oven greeted us as we walked through the doors and found our reserved table.  This establishment specialises in wood fired pizzas and can get very busy,  so we made certain of getting a table by booking ahead.  There were lots of lovely food choices to tempt our taste buds and we spent some time deciding.   Our lasagne was delicious, and the others were very happy with their lunches as well.  Italian music swirled all around us, as we chatted about the trials and tribulations of taking part in a car rally.  That Gelato ice cream in the freezer cabinet looked delicious, we decided.  And it must be much better for us than choosing one of those big pieces of cake, we told ourselves.  It was delicious too, and a nice finish to our meal.
PB281118Enjoying our lunch
Then it was time to see how everyone had got on with their questions as they were navigating around all those  streets.  Rex and Trish came first with 23 out of 24 questions correct, well done!  Calvin and Helen and Anne and Les were  close behind with 21 and 19.  Everyone agreed that there were plenty of roads in the trip which they had not previously travelled along.  Robin presented them  all with a couple of chocolate bars for being good sports and taking part.
A nice walk along Paraparumu Beach after lunch was proposed.  It was such a lovely day that the beach was crowded with families making the most of the good weather.  This little tot was surrounded by a flock  of squawking seagulls all  busy feeding on bread.  He didn’t really seem too worried about all those noisy birds.
DSCF4846 Trapped in the middle of the birds
There is nothing nicer that the smell of salty water, sea breezes and sunshine on a nice day.  People were out swimming, and dogs were busy chasing balls.  We took a gentle walk along the beach and then sat down on at one of the new timber table and form combos dotted around the grassed area.  It was a lovely finish to a good day out with friends.
DSCF4849  Paraparumu Beach

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