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Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Touch of Frost

We woke to a cracker frost this morning, with the lawn covered in white. Also rather white was my little blue car. We don’t often leave the cars outside, but my side of the garage was full to overflowing with copious amounts of weekend laundry. By the time we surfaced on this rather chilly Sunday morning, the wintry sun had melted the frost on the bonnet of the car. But both the front and back windows were covered in ice. Just as well I wasn’t heading off to work at 6.30 AM as I do during the week, I wouldn’t be able to see to drive.

DSCF3840 Ice on the windows

The frosty start to the day reminded us that we really should make another “bird pudding” to hang out for our little feathered friends. So after lunch I toasted a few bread crusts, broke them up and put them in the kitchen whizz. To this I added a couple of quartered apples, turned the whizz on and chopped them up. Meanwhile, I was melting some dripping and honey together in the microwave. Put everything into a large bowl, add some raisins or sultanas, and some wild bird seed, and mix well. Roll into a ball and set in the fridge. Then, place in a mesh onion bag and hang from a tree. It was Robin’s job to climb up the ladder, and my job to hold it steady for him. Viola – the bird pudding is ready to eat.


Wax Eyes Feeding Up for the long cold night

They must have been watching and waiting, as no sooner was the bird pudding hanging up, than the little birds arrived. Both the wax eyes and the green finches love it. All this bird activity drives Chardy, the next door cat, demented and she can’t reach a single one. Our cat Muffy doesn’t seem to have a hunting bone in her body. Her idea of a good time on a Sunday afternoon is to curl up on the armchair and have a nice snooze.

DSCF3843 Muffy – whiling away a Sunday afternoon

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