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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Greedy little Birds

Those pretty little Wax Eyes must have been feeling a bit peckish as they have made short work of the bird pudding we hung in the garden for them on Sunday. This is what it looked like on Monday, covered with birds, all after a taste or two.


By Tuesday, it was quite a different story. The birds had been gobbling away and there wasn’t much left at all. The onion bag was getting empty, with just a little of the bird pudding in the bottom. Other birds are down on the lawn waiting for the leftovers to drop while the birds are clustered around the mesh bag.


And when we got home today, it was all gone. With so many hungry mouths to feed we will just have to make some more for those greedy little birds. It is so nice to see them darting about the garden, in and out of the trees, and to know that we are giving them a helping hand during the cold winter months.

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