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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Lunch and a AGM

After our very interesting visit to the Deer Story Museum with our bunch of SLG friends, we drove on through the cold and drizzly weather  to Levin.  Our lunch venue was  at the Tararua Restaurant, in the Cossie Club establishment.  With everyone duly signed in, we made our way to the large circular table which was reserved for our group.


And that’s when the fun started.  With such an extensive menu and various specials written up on the board, how on earth could our bunch of OAPs possibly make up their minds?  Eventually, choices were made, orders were placed, and we retired back to our table clutching the electronic buzzers which would inform us when the meals were ready.  And buzz they did, one after the other, to much excitement and loud exclamation.  Honestly, it doesn’t take much to amuse our group.

Plates of Hoover Hog pork, fish and chips, salmon or scallops, toasted sandwiches, and omelettes were duly delivered and eaten, and most seemed very happy with their meals.  A few glasses of wine were consumed, along with water and coffee for those not wanting alcoholic beverages. And for once in my life I forgot to snap a few photos of us all – that’s never happened before. Obviously too much talking was taking place.

Next stop was back to our home for a home baked afternoon tea.  The Afghan biscuits went down a treat, along with date loaf, cheese and crackers, and tea or coffee.  Then we had our so called AGM, which really consisted of the “drawing of the months”.  Each person selects a piece of paper which informs them what particular month they have to arrange an outing for our group.  Our Super Leisure Group has been operating this way for close on 30 years, so we have been enjoying each other’s company for all this time.  And been to a lot of places too, attractions, museum visits, lunches out, movie dates – you name it, we’ve done it. 
Our cute little lemon tree which was spotted through the sliding door came in for many compliments, as it is absolutely covered in juicy lemons.  This tree was a “Welcome to your New Home” gift from our SLG friends three years ago.  As our pretty rose bush called “Precious Pet” was also a gift, given to us by the group when our beloved cat Muffy passed away.  We are not very good gardeners, so thank goodness they were both thriving.

Gifts for the garden from our SLG friends

With all the business taken care of, our friends said their goodbyes, and headed off to their respective homes.  It was a good day, Robin was pleased that his arrangements went well, and breathed a sigh of relief that he doesn’t get another turn till May next year.

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