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Monday, May 9, 2016

Over the Bridge and on to High School

There is the most wonderful foot bridge in New Plymouth, part of the 13km Coastal Walkway.  Last time we saw it, the weather was so cold and nasty, that after a quick look and a photo or two, we scurried back to the warmth of the car.  Yesterday, the weather was just perfect, and we joined many other walkers, family groups, kids on scooters and trikes, dog, and the occasional super fit cyclist, all out enjoying the afternoon.  With such glorious conditions, the weather gods must have forgotten that it really should be getting a lot cooler now.  Winter is sure to arrive with a vengeance, but in the meantime, we will enjoy the warmer temperatures for as long as we can.

First glimpse of Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

The tied arch bridge has a clear span of almost 70 metres and was opened in 2010.  Spanning the Waiwhakaiho River, its iconic form represents the sacred relationship between the land, sea and wind with the Ngati Tawhirikura tribe.

Views of the bridge

The bridge is perfectly positioned to frame Mt Egmont.  On a clear wintry day, when the mountain is cloaked in snow, it would make an amazing photo. You can just make out the mountain shrouded in cloud in this photo.

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

We walked over the bridge and along a small portion of the walkway, enjoying the peace and quiet, punctuated with the sounds of mad keen runners going by, and the ting-a-ling as another sporty cyclist raced up behind us.

Then we drove to New Plymouth Boys High School for a nostalgic memory trip for Robin.  The old school gates were the same.  Day after day for four years he raced through these gates on his bike.

War Memorial gates at New Plymouth High School

While we were wandering around the school grounds a school master came out for a chat.  When Robin said he was an old boy, the teacher was most helpful and pointed out all sorts of new developments and changes which had taken place since Robin’s time here.

The school motto: “Comradeship, Valour and Wisdom”

The old Assembly Hall

It’s many years since Robin was a school boy here, and over time many of the old buildings have been replaced.  But there was plenty to stir up old memories of happy times playing sport and school friends.  He had often related that when boys were in trouble, they were sent outside to cut a piece of bamboo to hand to the teacher for a caning.  That wouldn’t happen these days.
Then in the evening, we ate out at Sun World Restaurant, a very popular Chinese buffet restaurant in the city.  Luckily we had thought to book a table, as the place was packed.  As it was Mother’s Day, there were lots of family groups all out enjoying themselves.  We conversed with a friendly couple from Australia who were travelling around New Zealand for a few weeks.  They have a camper-van at home, so of course the conversation turned to campsites, the price of fuel, hints and tips, and our various travels.

At Sun World Buffet

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