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Monday 4 March 2024

Kahutara School

 Moving on from the Domain Reserve on Friday afternoon, we traveled on to Kahutara School, our home for the next two nights.  In Maori tradition, the name Kahutara was one of the great ocean-going voyaging canoes which was used in the migrations which settled in New Zealand.  There were eight vans on site for the weekend.

Camping at Kahutara School

We enjoyed 4zees on the school  verandah, and after our evening meal, gathered together in the hall.  There was a cake to celebrate Pamela's recent birthday.

Happy Birthday, Pamela

Helen and Stuart had organised a quiz for us to do, from the Dominion Post 5 Minute Quiz Book.  We were given a coloured page featuring a group of well known New Zealanders to see how many we recognised.  Most of the men were fairly easy to pick, but some of the women had us stumped.  Winston Peters, the Christchurch Wizard, Sam Hunt and Barry Crump were certainly recognisable, as were Jenny Shipley and Lorraine Downes, and who remembers Chloe from Wainuiomata?  Seems John certainly did, as she used to bring her pink scooter to his workshop to be serviced!  Owen and Helen were the winners with the highest score, congratulations.

Saturday was Martinborough Fair Day and most of us traveled to see what bargains we could find, and to enjoy the experience.  We were delighted to find that the Martinborough Hotel had whitebait fritters on offer, so we certainly couldn't pass them by.  Whitebait is a New Zealand delicacy, a little pricy, but so delicious and after all, how often do we get to eat whitebait?  Our fritters were served as a sandwhich between two pieces of white bread, and we savoured every mouthful.  Luckily there was plenty of tables dotted around outside the hotel so we sat in comfort eating our snack and watched the world go by.

Cooking up the fritters

And here it is, so yummy

Fed and fortified we joined the crowds to wander around the fair, checking out the stalls.  There were so many people, some with dogs on leads, some with kids and pushchairs, all slowing walking around.  We purchased a kilo of lovely fresh strawberries for our shared dessert that night, found some of our favourite locally produced chocolates to buy, and that was about all.  I was really after some cheese and fresh seasons apples but couldn't find either.  I posed by the memorial gates - there is a family story that my Mother  was christened here in Martinborough the day these gates were officially opened.

Historic gates at Martinborough Square

We had seen enough of the fair and being on our feet by then, so back we drove to the van.  Streams of cars were still arriving, people come from near and far to attend this fair.  We had lunch and commented that the weather was lovely and calm - this area is usually so very wild and windy as on our previous visits.  Murphy's Law, in the afternoon the wind got up, and just kept getting stronger.  The wind didn't put the hardy BBQers off though, Owen fired his one up and cooked his meal, plus meat for Don and Robin as well.  Thanks Owen.

Owen and Robin as supervisor

Gathered around the long tables, we all ate together, rather like a very large family gathering.  Then it was time for the shared desserts, such a spread.  Jelly and icecream, peaches and strawberries, chocolate cheesecake and mini pavs, plus several lots of chocolates.  Plenty for everyone and some even had seconds.

Pot Luck dessert

That evening the wind really came calling, shaking the caravans with angry bursts through the night just to show us who was boss.  We did worry about traveling home with wind warnings in place.  But luckily, the wind died away, the warnings were lifted, and we traveled back over the Remutaka Hill without any problems.  Another enjoyable caravan club rally weekend.

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