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Friday 16 February 2024

Green Parrot Cafe

Opened in 1926, the Green Parrot Cafe is a Wellington icon.  Ten Heretaunga Caravan Club members drove from near and far to meet up for an evening  meal.  For some this was a return trip down memory lane from dining here many years ago.   We had to brave peak hour traffic, and find a parking spot, not easy as most of us no longer travel regularly into the big city.  

Owen had booked a table for us all, conveniently in front of the large mural hanging on the wall.  There was much discussion on who the customers were, we recognised several familiar faces, Barry Crump and Peter Jackson, and were in two minds who some of the others were.  MP Winston Peters is a well known regular as well.

Dot and Donald in front of some famous faces

Drink orders were taken, and quite sensibly, the drivers made do with a soft drink.  Helen and I splashed out with a little bottle of prosecco each.

Everyone arrived and settled down, and then came the serious business of "what shall we order?"  The menu consisted of steak, chops, sausages, fish, lambs fry and kidneys, plus omelets.  Not forgetting the plates of white bread and butter added to table.  This was obligatory at cafes back in the day, we could all remember.  I ordered something a little different, kidneys and bacon, which came with salad and chips.  The kidneys were sliced in half and cooked on the grill, we often do this on our BBQ with bacon and egg for breakfast.  Robin was served two huge pork chops, and yes, he managed to finish them, no trouble at all.

Kidneys and bacon

The food is still cooked on a grill made from melted down gun barrels and installed by third owner  Tony Marinovich in 1932.  This cook top has been going strong since then, imagine how many meals have been produced here to visiting politicians, famous people, and plenty of sailors and locals over all these years.

Cooking up a storm

Some of our friends decided on dessert as well, apple pie and chocolate sundaes were delivered to the table, together with tea and coffee - maybe an iced chocolate as well.

It was a great night out, many thanks to Owen for organising it for us.

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Bernice said...

I recall going there a few years ago, thought I’d stepped back in time, almost before my time! But it was very good, does what it says on the tin and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than that.