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Sunday, 20 November 2022

Thunder and plenty of Rain at Red Barn

What a weekend of strange weather we had at the rally, it was warm, wet and thundery.  Generally, the days were fine, but by late afternoon the clouds would roll in, thunder would rumble, and the heavy rain would fall, and fall, and fall.  Although we didn't sight any lightening, Mr Google tells us these two always come hand in hand,  and it is not possible to have thunder without lightning. Obviously it wasn't happening overhead and we didn’t notice it, but the lightening would have been flashing across the sky not too far away.

The six early bird vans were joined by four others on Friday, making a total of  ten vans for the weekend.  It was very handy having the implement shed to gather in for our morning teas and 4zees, but the resident swallows were not at all happy with our presence – I think they were busy building nests inside the shed.   The birds  were rather agitated and flew about, swooping from corner to corner.  Gemma came on her lead to join us during the day  and really enjoyed the interesting smells everywhere, until one of the swallows swooped low and buzzed her!  People were bad enough, but to bring  a cat as well, just too much!

On Friday evening we gathered again in the handy implement shed and our hosts Geoff and Colleen came to give us a talk about their life in South Africa and how they came to arrive in New Zealand, settle in Auckland then come to live in Palmerston North.  Life in South Africa could be quite dangerous and they spoke of multiple locks and alarms on their doors, and motion sensors outside around their home. Certainly a different way of life than we experience here.  Moving to Canada or England were discussed, and soon rejected, much too cold.  Australia was considered, but they didn't meet the criteria, but they did for New Zealand, so it all eventually fell into place.


Collen and Geoff


Gathered for the evening talk

Palmerston North is well known for the wind turbines on the hills and we had a good view from this property.  Love them or hate them, these turbines swish around producing “clean green” electricity.


Wind turbines on the hills


Robin, Dave, Russell and Pat, wonder if they are talking about cars?

Pat planned a little 4WD adventure on Saturday, he was told that he could drive through the farm and reach the Manawatu River.  So off we went, three 4WDs in a row, with the front car opening the gates, and the back car closing them, as you must do on a farm.  The grass was so thick and lush we remarked it was rather like driving over the African  savannah.  Instead of being attacked by lions, we were set upon by a bunch of steers who galloped up from the adjacent paddock. Just as well there was a fence between us.


Here they come

We reached the stop bank, but where was the gate we had been told about?  There it was at the other end, so off we drove again.  But once there, a few of us decided that as the gate couldn't be opened, those with sore backs and knees better not try climbing over.  Some of the more energetic ones did, climbed up and over the wooden gate without doing themselves a mishap, and got a glimpse of the river.


We made it, but the river is over the stop bank

Rally Family Dave and Deb had a couple of quizzes for us on Saturday night.  Dave had insisted his quizzes were easier that his previous ones and that we would all get every answer but……….  Never mind, it certainly gave us something to think about.  All too soon the rally came to an end, and it was time to hook up and depart for home.  Many thanks to Dave and Deb for the weekend, to Flo and Deb for the home baking, and to our hosts for giving us a big bowl of mandarins to share.

We were one of the last to leave, and drove through Palmy to the dump station.  This is in a very attractive setting surrounded by large trees.  The caravan ahead of us got caught up on a steel bollard protecting the dump area, ooops, the wife was driving and hubby was not at all pleased!  Luckily Robin did much better and we drove out unscathed.


At the dump site

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