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Sunday, 9 February 2020

Further Fun at Pohangina

Our long Waitangi Weekend has come to a close, and what a great weekend we had.   We were kept amused as Don used his “ever so clever” caravan mover to direct his caravan into the correct spot, no trouble at all, this device works effortlessly.

“Come this way, little caravan”

Two rather special awards were presented at 4zees, while we sheltered under the large shady trees.  First was for Geoff and Eileen, who were presented with their 300 rally badges by President Barry.  Then Barry presented Dot with her 200 rally badge.   Many congratulations to you all, that’s an awful lot of rally weekends away with the club.

Rally Awards to Geoff and Eileen, and Dot

Later in the evening we played the Hat Game, rather like Musical Chairs for oldies, but instead of racing around we stayed seated in a circle.  Everyone except one person was given a hat to wear, and as the music played the idea was to remove the hat from the head in front and place it on your head, over and over again.  Once the music stopped the person without a hat left the circle, until it was a fight to the death with the last two players, who were now facing each other.  The ladies went first, with Cath being the eventual winner.

Reaching for those hats

The final, between myself and Cath

Then it was the men’s turn.  Helen had collected all these hats but there were not enough manly hats to go around.  Never mind, the blokes looked rather fetching wearing ladies hats.  Pat was the winner of the men’s section.

Waiting for the music to start

The next morning kicked off with a Champagne Breakfast.  Everyone was up bright and early to fire up the BBQs for bacon, eggs, sausages, whatever took their fancy.  Barry and Dianne arrived with pancakes, blueberries, and cream, which looked  rather tasty alternative.

Barry and Dianne with pancakes

Most of us had bacon and eggs

Then we jumped in the cars and drove to check out Totara Reserve – two motor camps here to see.  One is rather rustic in the style of earlier years with campers parked up wherever – no sites marked out here.  We stopped here for a cuppa and I had a quick look at the Pohangina River, a tributary of the Manawatu River.   Quite a dangerous place with the cliff face being unstable.  Several years ago a large chunk of the cliff fell down onto a group of children resulting in a couple of fatalities.  The river was blocked and the motor camp flooded and closed for quite some time.

Pohangina River

Driving to the adjacent camp we stopped for a photo opportunity, with the cars all lined up in a row.  It was nice to see a large group of picnickers out for the day enjoying themselves, a family or church group perhaps, all having fun in the sunshine.

Here we all are

We weren’t back at camp very long before we had to lave for another social occasion, Devonshire Tea at the local café, Country Fayre,  just a short walk from where we were camped.  The building was the former Pohangina County Council, and we were seated at the rather impressive boardroom table.


Devonshire Tea at Country Fayre Café

There was a quiz and games on our final night of the rally.  Many thanks to Owen and Helen for organising a great weekend.

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Janice said...

What a busy rally. You had loads of fun. I do like that board room table for a large group.