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Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Weekend in Carterton

Our caravan safari came to an end, but it wasn’t an end to our time away.  The next thing on the agenda was the three day rally hosted by the Wairarapa caravan Club.  It was a double celebration, the 20th Regional Rally, and their club’s 80th birthday.  The Wairarapa Caravan Club is the oldest in New Zealand, and back when it started, the caravans would have been home built models – there was no New Zealand caravan industry then.  There were 29 caravans and motorhomes gathered at the Rugby Club grounds, with some people traveling quite a distance to attend.


The club banners from the various clubs attending were proudly marched into the hall, and the rally was officially opened on Friday evening by the President of CCNZ who had traveled down from Gisborne.


Over the weekend it was great to catch up with members of the other clubs, who we only see from time to time.  Harry and Lorraine were determined to relieve us all of some dollars over the weekend, as they were selling raffle tickets.  Our club, Heretaunga did quite well in buying winning raffle numbers, with most of us taking home a prize.  There were the usual Morning Teas and Happy Hours, plus a quiz to keep our brains active.

Harry and Lorraine, and the Club Bike

We all enjoyed a meal out together on Saturday night at the local Cossie Club, within easy walking distance.    The 80th Birthday Cake was cut by Gary and Elva, the oldest active members of the Wairarapa Club.  We hadn’t seen this lovely couple for some time, so it was very special to catch up with them again at the dinner.

Gary and Elva cutting the 80th Birthday Cake

Club photo time

Then it was BBQ time on Sunday night, the the Wairarapa blokes and helpers cooking up a storm.  Sausages, onions and bread and butter were provided, we supplied our own salads or veggies, and if we didn’t fancy sausages, there was room on the BBQ to cook our own meat. 

Dave and Terry hard at work

All good things come to an end and the rally closed on Sunday morning.  Rae led the banner holders through the hall again, with the sounds of bagpipes emanating from whatever that blue thing was she was waving around, a small recorder of some type, channeled through her phone, it seems.  Thanks were made to all involved in arranging the weekend, and as it happens, our caravan club will be hosting the next Regional Rally in two years time.

Heretaunga Club President Barry, with Rae

It was time to say our goodbyes, and  pack up, put the cat in the car and head to the dump station.  After nearly three weeks away, and driving 1700kms, I was ready to head for home.

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