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Monday, 9 December 2019

Udys on Anders

That’s an interesting name for a CAP (Charges Apply Parking) and we stayed there over the weekend. There was one permanent van  parked in the corner, and we had the rest of the area to ourselves.  Robin had a couple of back to back meetings to attend, so spending some R&R time in the caravan negated the need for those long drives to and fro over the weekend.  How about this for a lovely peaceful setting, and being on the outskirts of Palmy, not too far to drive to those meetings.

Plenty of room for us

We left the van and Gemma behind on Friday afternoon and drove to town to collect a few groceries, and on the way back to camp had a a minor accident while waiting for the lights to change.  No, it wasn’t our fault, thank goodness, the car behind us failed to stop and ran into our tow ball.  So you can imagine who came off worse.  The young man was most apologetic, but worried about how he could afford to get his car fixed – no insurance, it seems.  Our tow ball didn’t suffer any damage.

Robin left for his in the early evening “dinner meeting”  while I stayed behind with Gemma.  She enjoyed a walk across the paddock, excitedly flushing out a few bugs and moths, which were duly pounced on, and having a good look around.  All at the end of her long lead, to keep her safely tethered.  We had seen a large Rag Doll cat patrolling the hedge  line earlier  in the day, so didn’t want any trouble with the neighbouring live stock.

The meeting continued on to Saturday morning.  There was plenty of birdlife pecking about for insects to keep Gemma amused.  She would dearly love to become “a great white hunter” and quivers with excitement when she spots birds outside.  Sorry Gemma, in your case it is look, but don’t touch.  However, when the bunny came calling she was curled up asleep.  They may look cute and fluffy, but rabbits are considered vermin in New Zealand.  They were introduced around the 1830s and have since competed with livestock for the best grasses and pasture. With no natural predators, they have been causing great damage to farmland, so have been hunted and poisoned to try and keep their numbers down.  

Where there is one, there is sure to be more

The rabbit and the resident chooks soon disappeared when the property owner got his blue tractor out and started the long task of cutting the grass.  That certainly kept him busy for quite some time.

Lawn mowing duties

We awoke to incessant rain on Sunday morning, thunder and lightning, and extreme weather warnings.   On the news we heard that the South Island was faring much worse, roads flooded, bridges washed away, towns cut off, and hundreds of tourists stranded.  Just as well we weren't on a South Island caravan holiday.  

It’s a rough old day out ther
Before traveling home we called around to see Yvonne, Gemma’s breeder,  and show her how Gemma was now she is grown up.  Yvonne told us Gemma had developed beautifully, and said she was a lovely Birman indeed, and true to type.  Then we were taken out to the cattery to see the newest arrivals.  This cute little baby seal point boy is a half brother to our Gemma, (same father, different mother) and will have a great life when he grows up, as Yvonne will be keeping him to use for stud.

Beautiful baby Birman

It was a nice “close to home “ weekend away, and worked out well with Robin attending his two meetings in Palmerston North.  And the bonus was that we took Gemma around to meet up with Yvonne, her breeder, her first visit back now she is an adult cat.

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Janice said...

What a lovely, lush place to park the van. I can imagine there would have been plenty of bugs to interest Gemma. What a pity she missed seeing the bunny. They are a jolly nuisance over here too. It must have been nice to pop in and have Gemma visit her first home. Mick has heard of the flooding on the South Island. NZ is copping it at both ends, isn’t it.