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Monday, 23 September 2019

Rambling Home

We had seen all we wanted to see at the Motor Home, Caravan and Leisure Show held at Hamilton so we started heading for home. The sky was a brilliant  blue as we drove through the rolling farmlands of Waikato.  I rather liked the look of the rows of trees marching down the hillside.

A beautiful day for driving

As we drove into Taupo we got a fleeting glimpse of the mountains, always such a lovely sight. Also staying at the Taupo Airport NZMCA site were Bruce and Rae – Robin and Bruce worked together at City Line Buses some time ago.  They also travel with a Birman, their cat is a big Blue male, twice the size as our little girl.   It was fish and chips for our evening meal, and we both commented that it was the nicest fish we had had for a long time.  Mind you, we paid extra and ordered schnapper fillets, well worth the money, we thought.  The temperature dropped to –1C overnight, making a rather chilly morning to wake up to.

Overnighting at Taupo

I always like to stop at the Lookout at Taupo before continuing on our homewards journey.  And what a beautiful sight, looking over Lake Taupo at three snow capped mountains.

Lake Taupo and Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro

We stopped for lunch at the National Army Museum at Waiouru, parking behind the museum in the designated RV parking area.  And there’s Mt Ruapehu again.


This building looks rather like a castle, doesn’t it?  The tanks out the front are just asking to be climbed on by visiting kids.

National Army Museum, Waiouru

Time to get on the road again, and knew we must be getting closer to home when the Ruahine Ranges came into view, with just a sprinkling of snow on top.

Ruahine Ranges

We arrived home mid afternoon, and unloaded the van.  This was just a short one week trip to Hamilton and back, a 900km round trip.  Wonder where we will go to next?


Janice said...

What a gorgeous day for travelling. The mountains look so good. It must be nice to get home again after such a busy few weeks.

Catherine VK4GH said...

Such a wonderful clear day, and fantastic views.