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Monday, 11 February 2019

The Hot Weather Continues

There’s been plenty of hotter than average weather around over the last couple of weeks.  Great BBQ weather, we decided.  So out came the Weber, and on went a large chicken.  The handy thermometer which gets inserted tells us when our roast is done.  There’s nothing wore than undercooked chicken, is there?

While Robin was watching over the BBQ with a cool beer in his hand, I was busy in the kitchen preparing the rest of the meal.

All this hot weather has consequences, especially down in the South Island city of Nelson.  Often dubbed the “sunniest place in New Zealand”, the city is hoping for rain.  A large fire has been burning out of control for the last seven days, spurred on by tinder dry landscape and windy conditions.  The fire has been burning for nearly a week and 3000 people remain evacuated - most from the town of Wakefield.  Hot dry and windy weather is expected for the Nelson-Tasman region for at least a week.

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Janice said...

We have finally had a break from the incredible heat. Hopefully you will get relief soon