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Monday, 26 February 2018

Goodbye Richmond and Hello Blenheim

Sunday was our last day in Richmond, Nelson, and we had a visit in the morning from a couple of bikies.  Robin’s sister Kaye and hubby Jan biked over from their home  to pay us a visit and have a coffee with us. 

Kaye and Jan on their bikes

There was a Gypsy Fair taking place close by, so I went to have a quick look at some of the interesting vans.




All shapes and sizes

On Monday morning we packed up the van in the rain, and set off to our next destination of Blenheim, driving up and over the Bryant Range.  And what a great view, mountain ranges covered in native trees, and swathed with mist – such a pretty sight.

Misty morning driving over the Bryant Range

By the time we reached the Rai Valley it was still wet and miserable, so we stopped for lunch at "The Brick Oven".  What a popular place this was, travelers and truckies galore  stopping for something hot for lunch on such a chilly day. The brick oven is no longer used for baking bread, but we found a picture of it from the old days


The old Brick Oven Bakery in Rai Valley

The rain had cleared when we pulled into Waterlea Racecourse, although the grounds were rather cut up and soggy from the recent rain.  Must be careful where we walk till it all dries out, otherwise we will be up to our ankles in mud.  We stayed here last month for a few days, before we travelled on to Canvastown.

Waterlea Racecourse

It seems that Ex Cyclone Gita caused some damage here last week, with one of the large trees badly damaged in the storm.  Just hope that fallen branch never landed on a sheltering van when it was torn from the tree.

Tree damage at Waterlea Racecourse

We had a very important date in the afternoon.  Marilyn and David, who write their blog Waka Huia were also staying at Blenheim, and invited us around for 4zees.  They were staying at the Blenheim Top 10 Park, in their very new motorhome.  And what a beauty it was, a brand new Swift, which they imported from England.

David and Marilyn with their new motorhome

It was great to catch up with them both again, and we had a lovely afternoon tea/4zees.  Marilyn had whipped up some of her famous cheese scones, and there were nibbles galore, served with our choice of wine, beer or  plunger coffee, it was all very tasty indeed.

What a great spread

They were interested in where we had been, and they told us of their South Island travel plans over the next   five weeks or so.  Favourite POPs, CAPs and NZMCA Parks were discussed, as were batteries, fridges, the Internet, and other important topics. 

Robin, Marilyn and David

The new motorhome is gorgeous, and we wish them safe and happy travels as they do their own South Island trip.  With places to see, roads to travel, and friends to catch up with,  they are sure to have a wonderful time.


Janice said...

The Gypsy Fair looks interesting and colourful. How good to catch up with more blog friends. You certainly ate well on the day.

Marilyn McDonald said...

It was lovely to see you both, J&R. Thank you for coming and for all the info and advice - much appreciated. Next time it'll be in Levin or Waikanae, no doubt.
I may have to nick your photos, Jenny, so don't be surprised if you see them in our blog later ...
Am just about to get up and get ready to head away to Momorangi. Will let you know what it's like.
Cheers and hugs, Mxx