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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

A very busy Morning

It’s been a very busy morning, we have both been rushing around like headless chickens!  Why – you may ask?  Because we are doing last minute packing for another Aussie Adventure tomorrow.


The cases are now packed, we’ve located our passports, been to the bank, so we’re just about good to go.  We are flying over to Australia for a holiday in Cairns. This holiday involves trains.  Vintage trains, in fact, the Gulflander and the Savannahlander, so that should be fun.  It will be an early night tonight to get a few hours sleep as we will need a VERY early wake up call and a drive to Wellington Airport to arrive for the check in time at 4.0AM.  Mustn’t forget to pack the lap top so we can keep blogging, and tell you all about it!
Its cold and raining steadily here today, so we are looking forward to our time in tropical Cairns.

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Bernice said...

Have a great time, enjoy the warmth!!