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Friday, 26 October 2012

Gypsy Rover’s owners are on the move

Our friends Dot and Derek from Gypsy Rover fame moved house, and we offered to help.  (We must be gluttons for punishment, as we did all this for Robin’s brother several months ago).  Come about 9.00am we were told.  The carriers were already there, the two fit young men made short work of packing the heavy furniture into the truck.  My task was to run the vacuum cleaner around to pick up any bits of dirt or fluff which had been left behind.

DSCF3220 Cleaning lady 

Robin folded the back seats of our 4WD down and the area was packed up with bags and crates of food items and such like. 
DSCF3222 4WD packed up

Then we hooked up the (previously packed) trailer and checked the lights to make sure they were connected properly.  Dot and Derek’s little car was also packed to the gunnels. Then it was “goodbye old house”, and on we drove to the new accommodation. 

DSCF3223Time to move on

The hard working truckers had other loads to deliver along the way so we arrived an hour or so ahead of them.  That gave us time to unload the cars and trailer, and pop down to the shops to buy Subways all round for lunch.  Plus a chewy chocolate chip cookie for extra energy, after lugging all those heavy boxes inside. 

DSCF3225 The truck finally arrived

Those afore-mentioned young fit men then carried in the heavy furniture, carefully checking with Dot and Derek which room each piece was to go.  However, carrying some of the furniture upstairs proved to be a bit of a challenge.
DSCF3229 Will it fit?
DSCF3231 It will if we lift it over the banister

Whew…. that’s the last piece in.  Time for a cuppa, and then we headed back home, leaving Dot and Derek the unenviable job of unpacking all those boxes.

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