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Friday, 11 November 2011

Clareville in the Country

The notorious Rimutaka Hill road came to a standstill as two large truck and trailer units met head to head on one of the tight corners.  It didn’t help that one of them had cut the corner and was well over the double yellow lines.  But by the time I had found my camera, taken it out of the pouch, and turned it on, the truck at fault (travelling north) had slowly crawled past the other, and the traffic was starting to flow again.  We carefully edged our caravan around the corner, and travelled on our way to Clareville, just north of Carterton, in the Wairarapa.
DSCF7942  Two large trucks had come to a stand-off on the corner
The wind was blowing and heavy showers of rain made us wonder if we were in for a wet weekend.  Our club Heretaunga was hosting a joint rally and some of our club members decided to head over a day early, “just because we could”.  One of the benefits of being retired is that we can add extra days to our weekends away .  Out came the porch awning from under the seats, and we battled the wind to get it erected.  This small awning offers some protection from the elements as we exit and enter the caravan.  Any interesting cubby hole is a magnet for curious cats, and Muffy wasted no time in checking it out.
DSCF7944 Muffy loves to go in small spaces
DSCF7946Up goes the porch awning
Robin put one of his newly made signs on the gate to show our guests the way in.   As we were the first one to arrive we had the place to ourselves for a while.  Can you see our lonely little caravan away in the distance?
DSCF7947 This way to the rally
By mid afternoon we had company and then there were three.  Once everyone was settled, we gathered in our caravan for the time honoured ritual of 4zees.  A cup of coffee, a glass of cordial, or a beer, plus a few chippies to nibble, or whatever takes your fancy.  The jokes get rolled out, and we can put the world to rights.  It’s quite nice to have an extra day together before the rally proper takes place.
PB100434Three of us so far
Muffy meanwhile was in her element, curled up between all the visitors, sleeping the afternoon away.  There is nothing more relaxed than a sleeping cat, is there.

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