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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Designers to Royalty

It may have been an extremely wet weekend away at Kaitoke Regional Park but at our get togethers in the evenings under the awning and gazebo combination we were kept  busy designing for royalty.  Firstly, in honour of the upcoming royal nuptials between Wills and Kate, we were asked to design a head-dress suitable for the big day.  No gold, silver and precious jewels for us to work with, all we had was an assortment of coloured pipe cleaners.  But we rose to the occasion and produced a range of wedding headgear with Kate in mind.  No doubt she will be impressed with our efforts on her behalf.
DSCF5272 Head dresses suitable for the royal wedding
The following evening the weather was still wild and woolly and the river just over the back from our camp sites was running alarmingly high.  We kept glancing nervously out the windows to check on the river level in case we had to move our caravans quickly away from danger.  That didn’t happen, thank goodness.  Our task for this evening was to design and make a wedding dress to go with our head-dress.  Once again, we were working with alternative materials.  Kate would probably have a gown made with the finest silk, and we had to make do with crepe paper held together with pins and staples, with just a ribbon or two for decoration.  With much hilarity, different styles of wedding gowns evolved.  Because Kate has such nice slim legs, my dress was a mini, with dainty shoulder straps, set off with a golden bow.  Elegant and uncluttered, that was our working brief!  I had modified my head-dress and added a short veil, just the thing for a wedding.  One of our group told me that I looked just like Queen Victoria, and not at all like Kate!  Surely not?
DSCF5284 Kate or Queen Vic?
A couple of male models joined us on the cat walk to show off their wedding finery too.  Let’s hope that we have given Kate a couple of ideas on what to wear on her big day.
DSCF5293  Pamela, Jenny, Bill and Peter all dressed for a wedding

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