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Monday, 28 December 2009

A little adjustment

Robin spent a bit of time climbing under the caravan, to make an adjustment to the waste hose.  When we visited the Leisureline factory last Easter, the factory manager had given him another length of ribbed waste pipe.  This was to replace the existing pipe and bring our system up to date with what is now implemented in the brand new caravans.   So it was a matter of measuring, cutting, clamping, adjusting, and finally screwing everything in place.



The adjustment now makes it easier to empty the grey water waste. Using the old method we had to move the waste hose around to chassis which meant getting down on hands and knees and also put a kink in the hose we were using, this did not allow for efficient drainage.  As we are getting older getting on ones hands and knees seems further go than previously.  Now the waste can be released and come outside the line of the van so fitting hoses and turning on taps is much easier.  That’s the plan anyhow, proof will be when fully trialled.


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