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Friday, January 27, 2017

Cough, cough, splutter

Sometimes, things just sneak up on you.  Our small car (Toyota Corolla) had been getting sluggish over the last wee while when we tried to start it – just a little every now and again.  But the other day the engine coughed, and spluttered, and just about choked and died.  Robin coaxed it time and again, and finally it spluttered into life.  Look’s like our car battery might need some attention.  We had a few things on our list to attend to up town, so we stopped off at the Auto Electricians to see if we could make an appointment to get our battery checked out.


There was no need to make an appointment for another day, we could be attended to straight away.  How’s that for great customer service!  Out came the technician with a probe, poked it about the battery, and announced it was sick – with only 30% of working capacity left.  No wonder it was getting sluggish.  Yes, we will have a new battery please.  Luckily they had just what we needed in stock.


In no time at all the old battery was removed, and the new one put in its place.  Robin was instructed to start the car and sure enough, it fired up straight away. 

A little bit of surgical intervention

Our old battery was the original since the car was new, so at 7 years old, had really lasted well.  So now we are all set for many more kms of travels, and don’t need to worry about the battery giving up in the depths of winter.

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