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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A bit of a Wally

Walther (correct spelling, not to be confused with Walter) is a bit of a wally, his owner said.  But he is also a rather ruthless killing machine.  You wouldn’t think to look at him, though.  Especially curled up as he was, happily laying on the coffee table, amongst the visitors knitting and stitching projects.

Walther the cat

But this is a cat who lives on a hill top rural property, in Shannon.  They breed them tough out in the country, it seems.  Walther’s rather impressive kill rate for the first three months of this year is nothing short of phenomenal.  So far he has caught and dispatched 24 rabbits, 2 stoats, and 1 rat! Nine year old Walther may well be considered a “bit of a wally” by his owners, but he is certainly earning his keep.

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