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Monday, November 16, 2015

Staying at Classics Museum, Hamilton

Leaving the trumpeting swans calling to each other as they paddled around the waters of Lake Karapiro in the still morning, we headed off to Hamilton.  It was raining gently in the morning, but progressively the rainfall became more and more heavy.  Our destination for the next two nights was the Classics Museum, a 50s style Diner with a museum full of classic cars attached.  We had arranged to meet up with Geoff and Eileen, and they arrived just a little before us.  Our trip to Hamilton is so that we can both take our respective caravans back to the manufacturer for an their annual service over the next couple of days.

PB150002 Parked by Classics Museum – note the car on the pole!

The Diner is a delight, full of bright red  Formica, shiny chrome, black and white lino flooring, Betty Boop, Coco Cola, and the waitresses are suitably attired in their 50s style hair and make-up.  It’s just like stepping back in time, and travelling over to the good old USA for an episode of “Happy Days”.

PB160010 Betty Boop and our friendly waitress

PB150004Elvis is in the building too

The huge car park  has plenty of room and as well as our two caravans, several large camper vans are parked up here as well.  We are repaying the favour of free parking by visiting the diner, and plan to take a tour around the vintage car museum tomorrow.  Robin is a classic car nut, so that won’t be too hard for him to do, at all.  Plus, we qualify for Senior rates, which makes it even better.  More about this in the next blog.

PB150006 Jukebox Diner

PB150003 Dead car cemetery

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