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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hello, Birthday Boy!!

Today was Robin’s birthday, and what a lovely Spring day for a birthday it was.  The sun was shining, although the wind was a little chilly.  And no wonder – it was probably picking up the cold, blowing straight off that dusting of snow on the hills behind us.  The snow slowly disappeared as the day progressed and the temperatures warmed.

P9120041 A sprinkling of snow on the hills

The birthday boy received lots of attention in the morning, the postie came bearing cards and he received phone calls from friends too.  Plus an “All Day Peppermint Lollipop” – that will take him a while to get through.

P9120039 The Birthday Boy

In the evening we went out for a birthday meal out at the local Cossie Club.  Robin’s brother Gary and his wife Debbie joined us too.  We met in the bar, and Robin enjoyed a cold beer, courtesy of his little brother.  Thanks, Gary.

P9120049 Cheers!!

It was just as well that we had booked a table, as the restaurant was rather busy.  What to order – the menu was quite extensive.  Finally we settled on Pork Belly for the ladies, and steak for the blokes.  Robin was the only one who could tackle a dessert after our rather large meals – his old favourite, Chocolate Sundae.  Happy Birthday, Robin.

P9120051Debbie, Gary, Robin and Jenny

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Happy birthday, Robin. Aren't you and your brother alike? Twins perhaps?
Cheers, Marilyn